Weight Loss Nutritionist

All the packages I offer are designed to help you create healthy habits and mindset shifts that will enable you to hit your weight loss goals, feel confident and in control of your decisions both now, and for the future.

However you chose to work with me I follow the same approach:  a kind, compassionate, balanced and supportive approach that places a high value on your health and wellbeing.



You have been so supportive and knowledgeable … you have changed my life in such a short time and I will always be grateful for your support and guidance.

I honestly can’t thank you enough. Lifelong habits have been formed and I feel like everything has changed for the better. I honestly don’t think you understand the profound effect you have had on me. I am eternally grateful. Thank you for being you.

I can honestly say it has been a game changer with how I think about food, exercise and myself. Deb breaks each week down into easy to follow steps so you are not completely overwhelmed with the whole process. I would definitely recommend anyone to do this.

The best thing about this programme is by far the accountability it provides me. The check ins are a quick and simple format that provides clarity to Debs but more importantly to myself. The feedback provided is encouraging and doable focusing on smaller steps to build good habits for the long term. I would 100% recommend this.


Do you find yourself asking why it all feels so hard?  The good news is it doesn’t need to be …

Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching
Accountability coaching
Food Diary Analysis

If you don’t know where to start, book your free call with me and we’ll find a package that fits you – I understand that everyone’s budget and needs are different, so I do offer bespoke packages that can be tailored to fit your needs.  

What results can I expect?

A lot of that will depend on you. Together we will set realistic goals and strategies but you will need to implement them. My goal is to help you become confident in yourself and your food choices, providing support and accountability as you work towards achieving your goals. Head to my testimoninal page to see some results my clients have achieved.

Do you offer other packages that aren't shown on the website?

I understand that everyone’s budget and needs are different, so I do offer bespoke packages that can be tailored to fit your needs, and financial situation.  If the packages I offer on my website don’t suit your preferences, then book a free call with me, or send me an email, and I’ll see how I can help you. 🥰​

Do you have experience of working with peri/menopausal women?

Yes I have experience of working successfully with women in peri/menopause – around 80% of my clients are peri/menopausal.  I am also in the midst of it myself and ensure that I am always up to date with the latest research. Head to my ‘success stories’ page to see the results some of my clients have achieved.

Do you have experience of working with specific health issues?

Yes I have experience of working successfully with women with PCOS, Endometriosis, IBS, Type 2/Pre Diabetes, Thyroid issues (to name but a few).

Do I need to follow a meal plan?

No, you don’t have to follow a meal plan.  I provide example meal days alongside guidance and support to enable you to eat the foods you enjoy whilst making sure you are reaching your nutrition goals.  My aim is to help you develop healthy eating habits that work for you, and support your long-term health and wellness.

Do you work with men?

Yes, although the majority of my clients are women I do also work with men.

Can you provide me with an exercise or workout plan?

Whilst I’m not a personal trainer, I can provide generic home and gym workouts upon request.  These workouts are written by a personal trainer and are subject to a questionnaire.  I am unable to advise around injuries.